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Lottie Whyman

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"I’m a woven textile designer currently studying at The University of Brighton. I have always been one to recycle and reuse things because growing up, my mum would always be the queen of recycling and we aimed to have less waste and more recycling each week. When going camping with the scouts, at the end of each camp we would always do a litter pick to ensure the site was left better than when we found it. Even on hikes we would always pick up any litter we came across.

I have taken part in a few beach cleans, one with ONCA Gallery last year and also recently found out about the 2-minute beach clean. Living by the coast is ideal and I hope to do a 2-minute beach clean once a week in the aim to save the amount of plastic and other nasty things going into the sea.

Watching the latest Blue Planet 2 has highlighted how the plastic has affected the sea life around the world. I also aim to reduce the amount of single use plastic I buy, for instance plastic packaged food at the supermarket – as the majority of it is very unnecessary! I also carry around a refillable water bottle and flask; to decrease the amount of single use plastic bottles and coffee cups I use. I’m looking forward to being part of The Plastic Free Pledge and inspire others to be more conscious and reduce the amount of plastic they buy."