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"Whilst travelling in South America, I was visiting an indigenous tribe on the Colombian coast who lived in mud huts, had no electricity except a few solar panels and traded with local villages in coconuts. This tribe’s village backed onto a beach – a beach that was COVERED in rubbish. From flip flops to toothbrushes, the sand was barely visible through a carpet of plastic objects that were not used by, and had nothing to do with this tribe. It dawned on me then that we had a huge amount of plastic in our oceans. A few months later, when I saw a sea lion pup playing with a plastic bottle in the otherwise pristine Galapagos Islands, I decided I had to do something and embarked upon a Zero Waste lifestyle.

I spent 2017 making changes in my household to reduce our waste, but constantly seeing videos of whales with their insides full of plastic was getting me down and I didn’t feel like I was doing enough. So I volunteered at my local Repair Café (which diverts objects from landfill by repairing them), and found the Plastic Free Pledge.

I am also a Primary School Teacher so this year I am working on the Eco Schools award in my school, as well as running an Environment Club, some Zero Waste workshops in my local towns and continuing to volunteer for the Repair Café and the Plastic Free Pledge. I have just got my first pub to agree to ditch the straw which I am delighted about!"