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"I am on a journey to living a zero waste and plastic free life. I am a maman and
I care about the planet my children live on and inherit when I'm not here. I care
A LOT so when I first came across #zerowaste as a concept, it really got me
thinking about changes I can make to my lifestyle. It was at the same time that I
applied to be a Community Leader for SAS and the two seemed to marry up.
Plastic is polluting the seas. Plastic kills marine life. Campaigning against how
the supermarkets control how we shop is at the heart of this for me, as it is
supermarkets that lead how much plastic that is used and promptly thrown
away as soon as we get home. I will be posting petitions for followers to sign in
the hope that change will come about by the power of consumer care - by
changing our shopping habits we have the power to change how the
supermarkets think and make us shop.

The views expressed on my page and offerings of advice and top tips are from
my own research."