Brighton & Hove City Council Pass TWO Motions To Reduce Single-Use Plastic

Last night, we had an incredible win in the fight against single-use plastics in Brighton and Hove, (where our HQ is based). TWO Motions were passed by Full Council, committing Brighton and Hove City Council to the examining of, and reduction of single-use plastics – including calling for a ban in all council buildings.

As we had been running an online petition to support the Motion we had written with the Green Party, Jake and I had the honour of addressing Full Council for three minutes before we presented the petition.

Both the motion from the Green Party and another from the Conservatives were presented and discussed later in the evening… We at Plastic Free Pledge had been working with the Green Party to put together one Motion, which asked for a report to be generated to help businesses transition away from single-use plastic in the city, as well as a removal of single-use plastics in council buildings. This Motion, plus the Motion put forward by the Conservative party which also called for plastic removal in BHCC buildings, were adopted unanimously by Full Council – with very loud applause from all.

This is staggering. And we are delighted. But the big work starts here… Now we have a commitment from BHCC, we are REALLY looking forward to implementing the reduction of single-use plastic in Brighton – and beyond…

Jake Arney