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Lily Taylor

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"I always knew that plastic was a problem, but somehow it took seeing horrific images of a turtle whose shell had grown around a six-pack ring to make me consider and research the problem in more detail. I later learned that the turtle’s name was Peanut, and that he had acted as an ambassador for the fight against ocean plastic since 1993. I would like to do everything that I can to contribute to this mission, to make avoiding single-use plastic easier and cheaper for everyone.

I am also the co-creator and -manager of a vegan lifestyle blog, Franc and Lil's Garden Café. We are committed to animal welfare and reducing our environmental impact through our plant-based diet, recipe development, volunteering, and local activism. Through buying ‘wonky’ vegetables, visiting local refill stations, and reusing where possible, we are trying to reduce our consumption of single-use plastic, starting with food-packaging, and will be sharing our journey on the blog so that our readers can join us."