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Marcelo Guimaraes

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"Born in Rio de Janeiro – Brazil, I was quickly attracted to the ocean, first as a swimmer, then as scuba diver and later as a Marine Biologist.

The ocean is what moves my life, is what makes me happy when I am sad, is what calms me down when I am stressed, is from where life erupted from and is where life depends on.

Being a scuba diver and Marine Biologist enables me to better understand the impact of the human presence in this live water body and you must understand to protect.

Plastic and especially single use plastic are harming the oceans and its life forms by entangling, choking and contamination we must act fast to ensure that the next generations can enjoy the ocean as we do.

As a Marine Biologist and diver working in Myanmar I hope I can raise awareness and start changing how locals and visitors interact with plastic in this country.