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"I founded the Plastic Free Pledge, alongside Claire Potter, in early 2017. Having taken up a
volunteer role with Surfers Against Sewage in Brighton & Hove, I was fed up with seeing
so many single-use plastic items everywhere I went. Having spent a lot of time
conducting beach cleans with the SAS team, it became obvious that we had to become
proactive on the issue of plastic pollution, rather than just reactive. This gave rise to the
Plastic Free Pledge.

As a Product Designer, I know how fantastic plastic can be as a material – but not if it is
used only once in the throwaway culture we have created. Irresponsible use of plastic is
poisoning our oceans, our wildlife, and ultimately us.

As well as co-ordinating the Plastic Free Pledge; I work as a Design Researcher at Claire
Potter Design, where marine research and the Circular Economy are our focus and
speciality. We regularly engage in projects from electronics reuse and recycling, through
to the reintegration of waste Ghost Gear (abandoned, lost or otherwise discarded fishing
gear) into material product streams.

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